Gwennaël Bataille, MSc

Project Manager
  • Master in Biology of Organisms and Ecology
  • Master in Biochemistry and Molecular and Cellular Biology
  • Specialized in spatial ecology and impacts of human activities 
  • Responsible for the optimization of data processing 

About Gwennaël Bataille

A generalist by nature, Gwen has chosen a varied curriculum in order to obtain an overview of the living world: studies in ecology and molecular biology at the Catholic University of Louvain and the University of Namur, nature guide course, research work in ecology at the Catholic University of Louvain.

At each stage of his career, he has always been keen to explore crucial themes for the protection of the living world: pollution (from hydrocarbons, textile dyes, light and noise pollution) and bioremediation, invasive species, impacts of the fragmentation of habitats and urbanization on wildlife, or the articulation between actions in favour of the climate and biodiversity.

The quality of his work was rewarded by obtaining the “Adrien Bauchau Prize” (rewarding the best thesis) in 2012. He is also committed as President of the Organizing Committee of a European Congress in Biology ( EMPSEB20) held in 2014.

Despite his need for contact with nature, Gwen defines himself rather as a “desktop biologist”… Displaying a pronounced taste for the manipulation of data of all kinds (spatial data, inventories, molecular, bioacoustics, …), he specializes in handling R software and Geographic Information Systems.

Wishing to put his knowledge and skills at the service of nature, he naturally chose to join E-BIOM in 2022, where he is involved in data processing and the formulation of recommendations in urban planning.ël-bataille-3.jpg