Luca Covone, BioEn

Project Manager
  • Master’s in management of Forests and Natural Areas
  • Specialized in ecological network and ecosystem services
  • In charge of urban planning and land development projects
  • Responsible for prospecting new partners

About Luca Covone

Curious by nature, Luca Covone harbours an admiration for the diversity of species and ecosystems on our planet, which led him to complete his bioengineering studies (2013-2018) at the University of Gembloux Agro- BioTech. It was during his studies that he discovered the importance of involving local stakeholders (companies, administrations, etc.) in the preservation of biodiversity. During his thesis, Luca analyzed and set up the ecological network of a Walloon municipality by highlighting the biodiversity and ecosystem services present on the municipal territory. He also took part in the LIFE in Quarries project for which he assessed the translocation potential of amphibians in quarries.

With a Masters in Forest and Natural Areas Management, he was then hired as an environmental advisor within the Union Wallonne des Entreprises. During his 3 years spent in direct contact with companies, Luca had the opportunity to advise and help companies of all sizes and from all sectors in terms of the environment (legislation, management, awareness, etc.).

In 2022, Luca Covone joined E-BIOM as Biodiversity & Urban Ecology Project Manager where he continues to support and advise territorial actors on biodiversity.