Michael Colle, BSc

Project Manager
  • Bachelor in medical biology
  • Nature Guide and Nature Reserve Curator
  • Specialized in environmental management and conservation biology
  • In charge of urban planning and land development projects

About Michael Colle

During his time at school, Michaël was always attracted to and curious about life sciences. He has always enjoyed being outdoors and observing the beings all around us, studying them to get to know them better. When he finished his degree in Medical Biology at the Institut Paul-Lambin (2004), he went to work as a laboratory technologist straight away.

This work gave him the chance to “touch” science in every sense of the word. Carrying out experiments, working with a microscope, observing cells and trying to understand how they work. Observing and understanding are what it’s all about. Keen to expand his knowledge of the natural world, he trained as a “Nature Guide” with the “Cercles des Naturalistes de Belgique” in Brussels, and completed his training in 2010. 

Since then, during his time working as a laboratory technologist for the R&D department of a pharmaceutical company (upstream processing in cell culture and fermentation), he has remained passionate about nature. He has also spent time working in his local area thanks to a number of projects (his home town’s Natagora network (Walloon Brabant)), including submitting a request to set up nesting boxes at the local school, writing a short article on this subject in the Bruant Wallon ( and running an event dedicated to amphibians at the local school in order to raise awareness among children and members of the public.

Since spring 2020, he has been the curator of a natural area in Mont-Saint-André (website: Le Refuge Naturel de la Petite Coyarde à Ramillies – Natagora Brabant Wallon) as well as helping set up a local environmental protection association with which he hopes to continue working on some exciting projects.

Keen to carry on as an autodidact, he has discovered MOOCs (massive open online courses), which has meant that he can complete his training and acquire additional skills in different fields, such as ornithology, botany, ecology and urban habitats and epidemiology.

He had been thinking about it for a while, and a career change towards work focusing on the environment seemed like a natural choice. He became interested in E-BIOM when he read a study on the work that it was doing. E-BIOM encompassed everything he was looking for and gave him the opportunity to use his different training experiences. In September 2021, Michaël joined E-Biom as a project manager.