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The conservation of biodiversity and the preservation of the environment represent major societal challenges and require concrete solutions and profound changes. By combining scientific expertise and innovation, we are helping to protect the natural world.


Our business: biodiversity

E-BIOM combines a testing laboratory with an scientific expertise office dedicated to biodiversity conservation, ecology and protecting the environment.

Whether they are ecologists, molecular biologists, bioinformaticians or microbiologists, our scientists are keen to provide concrete solutions to the major challenges facing our society such as the extinction of biodiversity, sustainable development, the climate crisis, protecting the environment, food resilience and the health crisis.

Our goal is to offer public services, NGOs and environment charities, architects and landscape designers, companies and individuals, a combination of innovative scientific tools and unique expertise to solve environmental problems.

Our expertise

The biodiversity crisis is one of the biggest environmental challenges we are facing.

Realising this reminds us of the importance and urgency of the issues associated with biodiversity and underlines the need to make sure biodiversity is incorporated alongside other areas in every single project.

Une loutre, espèce rare dans nos milieux naturels

Nature & Biodiversity

Naturalist expertise, biodiversity monitoring, environmental DNA inventories, population genetics, preservation of natural areas etc.

Verdurisation des villes permettant d’accueillir la biodiversité

Land & Biodiversity

Advice and recommendations on how to take biodiversity and ecology into account when working on landscape studies, territorial development and building design etc.

Business & Biodiversity

Awareness-raising, support and taking biodiversity and ecological issues into account within your business management, ecological certifications etc.

Environmental epidemiology

Identification and quantification of pathogens related to human health, the veterinary sector and wild flora and fauna.


Technical and scientific consultancy for research projects, data analysis, the development of new protocols and methods etc.

Our approach
thermocycleur, l'indispensable du laboratoire génétique
Filtration d'eau dans le cadre d'inventaires par ADN environnemental

Our methodologies

Field surveys, naturalist observations, cartographic studies, DNA sequencing, metabarcoding analysis, environmental DNA… See behind the scenes of our laboratory analyses and scientific expertise!

Conservation Biology
Molecular Ecology

Raising awareness about biodiversity

Read our themed articles covering topical issues or outlining the challenges we face when it comes to biodiversity.


Case studies

We worked with E-BIOM and the SPW within the context of the LIFE Belgian Nature Integrated Project, the goal of which was to inventory hundreds of ponds throughout Wallonia. The E-BIOM team were incredibly helpful and professional during this experience, which involved tackling a lot of challenges, including large-scale sampling
Jean-Yves Paquet
Director of the Natagora Research Department
Une des centaines de mares du projet LIFE BNIP
We have been working with E-BIOM since the beginning of the pandemic. They were really professional in the way they worked on projects, as well as demonstrating remarkable scientific rigour. Along with others, E-BIOM was approached and ultimately selected to develop a solution for identifying the SARS-CoV-2 virus in the wastewater we treat. E-BIOM lived up to our expectations by proposing an innovative, effective solution within a context where international scientific knowledge was non-existent. We continue to work together with the knowledge that the projects can develop in a well-managed way with the help of a company that listens to its clients
The SPGE Board of Directors
Station d'épuraton des eaux usées dans le cadre du suivi du SARS-CoV-2
The SPW called upon the services of E-BIOM within the context of a study looking at the presence of amphibians in the Walloon Region using environmental DNA techniques. In addition to the great professionalism and irreproachable scientific rigour that they demonstrated throughout the project, E-BIOM’s great responsiveness, their capacity to adapt to the hazards on the ground and their ability to analyse processes and hone them as they went along made this study a success, both scientifically and in terms of the protection of the species we were targeting. An enriching and fruitful collaborative experience
Eric Joiris
Project Coordinator for the Integrated Life (Life intégré) project at Service Public de Wallonie
Because surveying the species present in an area is an essential part of maintaining and improving biodiversity, the Pairi Daiza Foundation is working with E-BIOM to improve the results of their environmental DNA analyses
Jean-Marie Postiaux
Managing Director of the Pairi Daiza Foundation
La Fondation Pairi Daiza, partenaire de E-BIOM