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As a leader in scientific solutions, we are convinced that reconciling economic and societal development with ecological issues requires more than just virtuous concepts and principles.


Scientific Innovations
and Strategic Advice

As a biodiversity promoter, E-BIOM combines an analysis laboratory and a consultancy firm to provide a multi-scalar approach to biodiversity.

  • Biodiversity strategy and action plan
  • Qualitative and quantitative monitoring indicators
  • Fauna, flora and habitat inventories
  • Certification
  • E-BIOM Academy

We provide private, public and voluntary organisations with innovative scientific tools and unique expertise to guide their strategic vision and objectify their environmental actions.

Our expertise

Nature & Biodiversity

Fauna-flora and habitat expertise, biodiversity monitoring, genetic identification, environmental DNA inventories, population genetics, etc.

Territory & biodiversity

Consulting engineers, territorial development and strategy, taking biodiversity and ecology into account in landscape studies, building design, etc.

Business & biodiversity

Biodiversity strategy, CSRD, monitoring indicators, regulations, impact assessment, certifications, etc.

Environmental epidemiology

Detection and quantification of pathogens linked to human health, the veterinary sector and the health of wild fauna and flora.


They trust us

thermocycleur, l'indispensable du laboratoire génétique
Filtration d'eau dans le cadre d'inventaires par ADN environnemental

Innovation is our driving force

Long regarded as the preserve of research laboratories, cutting-edge genetic methods make it possible to rapidly obtain precise data on flora and fauna, and the presence of protected species or pathogens.

Our R&D department is constantly developing new applications to generate this precious data and meet your various needs as effectively as possible.

Raising awareness of biodiversity

Discover themed articles dealing with topical issues or presenting biodiversity-related challenges.


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