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Our approach

Molecular Ecology

Our strong expertise in genetics allow us to conduct species diagnosis and to address numerous ecological questions in disciplines as varied as biogeography, conservation or landscape genetics.

Environmental DNA

This innovative tool allows to collect DNA directly from environmental samples such as soil or water, and has a great potential, not only for monitoring common species, but also to study elusive or endangered species.


We have all the necessary skills to carry out biological monitoring using traditional methods such as species identification based on morphological characteristics.


Our multidisciplinary team gives you personalized advices to help you solve your biological monitoring and ecological assessment needs.

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“The preservation of biodiversity is not just a job for governments. International and non-governmental organisations, the private sector and each and every individual have a role to play in changing entrenched outlooks and ending destructive patterns of behaviour.”

KOFI ANNAN, seventh Secretary-General of the United Nations

We are supported by several economic development agencies, incubators and investors. We also collaborate with numerous national and international scientific organizations to provide high quality services.  Finally, in order to best meet the market’s requirements, our clients help us to improve our approach and we consider them as true partners. We are proud of each of these collaborations and we always welcome new partners that are in search of effective solutions in the field of biological monitoring and ecological assessment.