Our expertise

E-BIOM combines a testing laboratory with a scientific expertise office dedicated to biodiversity conservation, ecology and protecting the environment.  Our goal is to help public and private stakeholders incorporate biodiversity in every project.







E-biom services - analyse



Biodiversity cadastre

Evaluation of the ecological potential of different sites with a prioritization of the most relevant

State of play of biodiversity

Study of the ecological context offering an overview of the prospects for improvement

Biodiversity assessment

Identification of the potential and ecological issues of a site leading to the development of appropriate recommendations

Biodiversity diagnosis

Assessment of the ecological quality of a site based on specific parameters.
Co-construction, implementation and monitoring of a strategy


Impact assessment

Assessment of plans and projects affecting Natura 2000 sites


& certification of golf courses

Contribution of ecological expertise including inventories, management plan and long-term monitoring

BREEAM certification

Intervention as an ecologist for the “Ecology” part of the BREEAM certification procedures

Invasive species management plan

Limitation of targeted IAS, and reduction of their impacts, by implementing concerted, practical and effective management

Support for campsites

Contribution of ecological expertise including inventories, management plan and long-term monitoring

Detection of pathogens

Detection and quantification from environmental samples (e.g. wastewater, bathing water, surface water) or their vectors (e.g. ticks, mosquitoes)


DNA barcoding

Identification of organisms from whole individuals, parts (e.g. legs), larvae, eggs, etc.

Environmental DNA

Biodiversity inventories using barcoding and metabarcoding approaches on any type of matrix (e.g. water, soil)

Population genetics

Comparison of individuals of the same species for conservation or management purposes (e.g. inbreeding)

Water kit

Detection of protected and invasive species in samples taken from calm and running waters


Honey kit

A unique solution to determine the species foraged by your bees and obtain advice for the management of your plots

Soil kit

Definition of indicators: abundance of life in soils, functional imbalance and richness in microorganisms

Plant kit

A unique solution to inventory the plants of a plot and obtain information on its ecological quality

Insect kit

Determination of entomofauna diversity from a complex community


Understanding of needs & submission of offers

All our missions begin with listening and discussion. In this way, we are able to respond concretely to your ambitions.

Documentary study & pre-analysis

This step frames the context in which your projects fit and specifies the needs and elements to be considered.

This step is a prerequisite for co-constructing the mission with you.

Site visit & field surveys

If necessary, our experts carry out biological inventories (habitats, fauna, flora) as well as sample taking (water, soil, pollen, etc.)

These statements complete the documentary study.

Laboratory analyzes

If necessary, field samples are processed and analyzed in our own laboratory dedicated to biodiversity conservation.

Assessment & recommendations

The mission continues with the analysis of the stakes, the determination and the implementation of a strategy in articulation with your objectives and your ambitions.

Monitoring & valuation

The functionality and efficiency of your actions can then be measured and monitored over time using Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and valued in terms of communication.