Jéssica Caetano

Project Manager
  • Master’s degree in Conservation Biology Specialised in biodiversity and ecosystem management
  • In charge of urban planning and land development projects

About Jéssica Caetano

Growing up in Portugal, Jéssica always had a great affinity for nature and its protection, which naturally led her to study Biology at the Higher Institute of Agronomy in Lisbon.  She joined a research team there to study the dynamics of wood-eating insects in Cork Oak stands after a fire, which awakened in her a passion for scientific research and a desire to understand animal behaviour.

Unable to find a Master’s degree that matched her aspirations in Portugal, Jéssica learnt French and continued her studies at the University of Liège, where she took a Master’s degree in Organismal Biology and Ecology, specialising in wild animal ethology and terrestrial wildlife management.

Her dissertation, completed at the Functional and Evolutionary Entomology laboratory at Gembloux Agro-Bio Tech, explored the impact of climate change on the girdled hoverfly, a species essential for pollination and biological control.

Jéssica has acquired a wealth of professional experience in various fields, including agroforestry in the Democratic Republic of Congo, renewable energy production in Brittany, and town and country planning in Liège. Aside from her professional activities, Jéssica continues to train, particularly in ornithology, a subject she developed a passion for during her Masters. Her career thus reflects an integrated approach to environmental management, combining scientific rigour with a commitment to the conservation of ecosystems.

Her desire to make a real impact on the preservation of biodiversity led her to join the E-BIOM team as a project manager.