Nicolas Minnaert, MSc

Project Manager
  • Master’s degree in Conservation Biology Specialised in biodiversity and ecosystem management
  • In charge of urban planning and land development projects

About Nicolas Minnaert

Nicolas has been passionate about nature, and particularly about interspecific relationships since he was very young, so it was only natural that he chose to study science. In 2017, he began a Bachelor’s degree in Agronomy with a focus on the environment at the Haute Ecole de la Province de Namur. In 2020, as part of his end-of-study work, he took part, with the CNRS and the Lyon IUT, in an ethological study of the White-throated dipper population in the Chartreuse Regional Nature Park in France.

He then decided to further his education by completing a Master’s degree in Organismal Biology and Ecology focusing on Conservation Biology: Biodiversity and Management at the University of Liège. In 2023, in collaboration with the DEMNA, he carried out an inventory of the botanical populations inhabiting the grasslands categorised as intensive in the Natura 2000 zone and compared his data with that collected in 2005. The aim was to provide an interpretation of changes in the botanical state of the meadows over the last fifteen years.

Thanks to his various training courses, he understands the importance of reconciling the various players occupying the area (farmers, businesses, private owners, public services, etc.).