Thibaut Bournonville, MSc

Project Manager
  • Master’s in Organismal Biology and Ecology
  • Specialising in environmental management
  • Head of field sampling
  • Head of barcoding and population genetics analyses

About Thibaut Bournonville

Thibaut’s love of nature and enjoyment of fishing began when he was a boy, so it was only natural that he decided to study biology at the University of Namur. His dissertation focused on the physiological and immune responses of zander raised in closed containment systems. He then spent his final year work experience in Canada in 2016, with the goal of characterising the survival of downstream Atlantic salmon smolts in the Miramichi River using telemetry. Joining E-BIOM in March 2018 as a lab technologist to help Jonathan, he is now responsible for the various samples taken by the E-BIOM team outside, as well as barcoding analysis in the lab.